How long will it take to receive a GiveCard?

Once an order for a physical GiveCard has been placed, it will be sent in the mail within two business days. Virtual GiveCards are received immediately.

Can I re-gift a GiveCard?

Yes. However, once a GiveCard is added to your account, you must either donate the full amount on the card or visit your account page and release your claim on the card before another user can use it.

Can I add value to a GiveCard before I use it?

Yes. Just make sure you add the card to your account first on the Redeem page.

What if I don’t see my favorite nonprofit in the list?

If you don’t see your favorite nonprofit on the list (view here), let us know by calling 863-683-3131 or emailing info@givecf.org. Only 501(c)3 public nonprofit organizations who provide services and have a physical location in Polk, Highlands or Hardee counties are eligible to be on the list.

Can I designate GiveCard funds for a specific purpose?

No. All GiveCard donations will be designated as general contribution to the nonprofit chosen.

Will you share my personal information with nonprofits?


Are GiveCard donations tax deductible?

GiveCard purchases are tax deductible, and we will send you a letter acknowledging your purchase. Redeeming a GiveCard is not tax deductible.

Where can I view my transaction history?

Log in and visit http://givecard.givecf.org/account.

Do GiveCards expire?

Yes. GiveCard funds expire after one year of inactivity.

Expired funds are used by the GiveWell Community Foundation to support local nonprofits through its annual grant cycle.

Can I get a replacement GiveCard if I lost one?

Yes. Please visit the GiveWell Community Foundation office in Lakeland. Bring any emails you received related to the transaction.

Can I see how a GiveCard I purchased was used?

All donations are recorded on the GiveWall. However, the user may choose to be anonymous. You will not be able to track the donations made by the GiveCard recipient in your account.